When Worlds Collide

These days, I find myself primarily writing about strange dolls with large heads called Pullips on my website Pullipsandjunk it’s to the point where now writing about anything not doll related on my main website  seems downright alien to me. As much as I love Pullip, I collect a lot of other toys too and I find myself really craving an outlet to express my passion about some of my other toys so I’ve decided to repurpose this space to give myself somewhere to talk about them.

So what sort of toys will I be talking about here? Anime figures in particular nendoroids, Funko Pop figures, various comic book toys, Disney toys whatever happens to capture my interest at the moment besides the dolls. On a long enough timeline, I will probably import of all my non-doll content here. For now, I look forward to having somewhere to babble on about my other toy obsessions..

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Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors Squirrel Girl Target Exclusive Doll

During our weekend excursions we stopped at Target, much to my delight and surprise I found an end cap of Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors dolls while I knew they were coming soon I had no idea just how soon! The new Marvel Rising tv series debuted last night, I have not yet had a chance to watch it but I have watched the clips available on the official youtube channel  and have been reading Marvel comics so I am familiar with a lot of the characters already particularly Ms Marvel, Ghost Spider (Spider-Gwen) and Squirrel Girl. Somehow I always preferred Gwen Stacy to Maryjane even as a kid, so Spider-Gwen has really been a favorite of mine ever since she showed up in Edge of Spider-Verse.

The new doll line seems to be taking aim at Mattel’s DC Super Hero Girls toy-line/series of cartoons if Mattel has a doll-centric toyline based on DC Comics characters it seems only natural for their rival Hasbro to have a doll-centric toyline based on DC’s rival Marvel.  I still really like the DC Super Hero line, I think I have at least one of each character that has been released as well as all of the different Harley Quinn releases it unfortunately seems like new releases have slowed down to a trickle. What an age to live in where we have not one but two Super Hero toylines marketed towards girls, when I was young I remember getting teased because I loved the Batman Animated Series and having some toys from it, that’s for boys ugh! My daughter is ten years old and is a huge fan of Marvel comics so she couldn’t have been happier to get her own Ghost Spider doll (she already has a Spider-Gwen costume for Halloween). I am very happy the Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors line exists.

This was the end cap in Target where I first saw the dolls, they had the Target exclusive Squirrel Girl, a few Ghost Spider and some of the Heroes in Training dolls which had painted on pants/boots so I decided to pass on those on this trip. I bought the Target Exclusive Squirrel Girl  as well as Ghost Spider and kiddo just got a Ghost Spider as she was not interested in any of the others at this time. Couple of quick observations, even in the packaging it seemed like the dolls had a couple of different body types America and Ghost Spider seem to be noticeably taller bodies than Ms Marvel and Squirrel Girl for example, Squirrel Girl has a curvy body. 42918315_308580586587547_1630096623210070016_n
We went to quite a few additional Targets this weekend as we somehow mysteriously kept running out of stuff around the house (oh darn we need to go back to Target!) but only found similar displays in two of the other five stores we visited, I struck out at another Target today who seemed to determine to vex me by setting up a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles display instead.
Squirrel Girl
This is my favorite photo of the Squirrel Girl doll that I have taken so far, I did not expect her to be well balanced enough to actually stand like this with no tricks involved.
Squirrel Girl
In general, Squirrel Girl was an absolute joy to work with and take photos of I haven’t been this excited about taking photos of a doll in a while even though it is not as upper scale as my normal doll choices she definitely has a very big personality. While this doll line isn’t perfect they dolls do have a lot of personality so I am willing to overlook some of their shortcomings.
Squirrel GirlThe sculpt on Squirrel Girl’s companion squirrel Tippy Toe is really cute I just feel like it is slightly large in scale in comparison with Squirrel Girl herself.
Squirrel GirlWhen not “eating nuts and kicking butts!” Doreen Green still looks pretty darn cute in her civilian gear though I will note that her hat did not like staying on her head very much.
Squirrel GirlWhile she won’t sit perfectly flat, she didn’t have much problems with sitting.
Squirrel Girl

She has a really cute face sculpt!
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DC Bishoujo New 52 Harley Quinn Figure by Kotobukiya

After not buying many figures based on comic book characters other than Funko Pops for a while, I recently went on a bit of a buying splurge buying several Harley Quinn figures as well as other comics/comics related figures etc that had been on my neglected wishlist for too long. I had been wanting the New 52 version of the DC Comics Bishoujo Harley Quinn figure in particular for a while now, she had caught my interest as soon as she was announced and I even had her preordered at one point until I canceled her in favor of something else (I honestly can’t even remember what anymore) figuring that I would pick her up after release. Her release came and went, I kept on waffling about whether or not to purchase her then I saw her at my local comic book shop and I knew I had to have her eventually.

I started looking for a reasonable deal for the figure online as my local shop wanted $85 for it which I felt was too high. I ended up ordering the figure from Hot Topic of all places during one of their recent Hot Cash events so instead of the $90 price tag I was able to get her $45 which was about $10 cheaper than Amazon at the time (as of this writing the price on Amazon is $46.03) and I was even able to use free site to store shipping.
New 52 DC Bishoujo Harley Quinn
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On the Hunt for Strawberry Shortcake Dorbz!

When I was a little girl, I used to collect Strawberry Shortcake dolls when they originally came out in the 1980s. I very much played with my dolls though so they are now in far from mint condition, in more recent years I rebought a few of my favorite of the vintage dolls including the titular character herself Strawberry Shortcake. Vintage Strawberry Shortcake
I was thrilled when Funko announced a line of Pops based on the series and the classic character designs, as soon as I saw pictures I knew that I wanted to buy the whole set. I happened to find a Lemon Meringue at Target marked as a return at a discounted price, why on earth would such a cutie be returned? I bought her without hesitation, being an out of box collector I, of course opened her up as soon as I got home and I found out why she had been returned! The Strawberry Shortcake Pops are all scented similar to how the original dolls were but it’s a much stronger scent so as soon I opened the box I was assaulted with the lemony fresh scent of Lemon Meringue.
Lemon Meringue PopEven though Lemon Meringue was cute as could be, the strongness of the scent kind of put my plans on hold to collect the rest of the Strawberry Shortcake Pops. I had intended to put them on the shelf that is right next to my bed, I can’t even imagine trying to sleep that close to that many competing strong fruit scents.

Within the past week or so, word started spreading that Funko was releasing Strawberry Shortcake themed Dorbz as Walmart exclusives thus began the great hunt for the Strawberry Shortcake Dorbz. We went to several Walmarts without much luck, I was not surprised as none of the Walmarts within an hour of me had actually received the DC Comics Black Friday Funko box. We finally found them in the Waterford CT Super Walmart. The Dorbz can be found in red floating displays typically close to gardening/holiday section not in the toy aisle, it seems like most Walmarts have the display but not all have the exclusive Dorbz. I’m including pictures to give a frame of reference to where they are located and to aid other Funko hunters!
UntitledIn addition to the new exclusive Strawberry Shortcake Dorbz, there are more exclusives including Batgirl Classic TV Dorbz, Batman Zur En Arrh Dorbz, Jasmine Dorbz and Abu Dorbz from Disney’s Aladdin.

UntitledUntitledThey had lots of Pop!keychains too as well as the Funko Shopkins.
UntitledI tried to show some restraint and left Jasmine and Abu behind for now, at least. Perhaps I will talk about the others on another day.

I will say that both of the Strawberry Shortcake Dorbz are by the heaviest Dorbz I have ever handled. I had assumed that the hats would be hollow but they are filled/solid making both of them a bit top heavy.
Strawberry Shortcake DorbzStrawberry Shortcake, I can not get over that hat it is simply too cute!
Blueberry MuffinBlueberry Muffin is super cute too!

Overall I am very happy with both of the Dorbz: they are adorable, nicely detailed and I think they do the original character designs justice. I hope that Funko releases more of the Strawberry Shortcake characters as Dorbz as I would be sure to buy them all so long as they are not scented ugh. Happy hunting!

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DC Legion of Collectors Batman Villains box

Earlier this year, I fell down a rabbit hole… I ordered a Marvel Collector Corps box because I had seen an advertisement for the Deadpool box and had to have it, I hadn’t really intended to continue my subscription but as each theme got announced it was like “oh hey, that’s cool!” and I ended up continuing to subscribe. I even went back and ordered all of the previous boxes except for the Guardians of Galaxy box (eh) and the Villains box which they had sold out of (I really only wanted the Loki Dorbz which I eBay’ed). While I really love the Marvel films, most of the actual comics I read and have read for years are DC so even while the first few themes weren’t particularly appealing I was very interested in the DC Legion of Collectors box.  My first DC box was the Suicide Squad box which I previously wrote about here which was followed up by the Women of DC box which I neglected to write up. Last week, I finally received the November Legion of Collectors box the theme was “Batman Villains”. I love villains especially Batman’s villains somehow the villains always seem a lot more compelling to me than the good guys so as soon as I saw the theme announced I just knew I would have to get this box!
DC Legion of Collectors box
So what’s in the box?
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Funko Vinyl Super Deluxe Harley Quinn Figure

Harley Quinn is one of my favorite comic book characters so of course I have a really hard time resisting new figures of her. Funko recently added Harley Quinn to their Vinyl Super Deluxe line, she is the first DC Comics character to be made as a part of the line as well as the first female character. The other dolls released as a part of the line so far are all Marvel comics characters: Rocket, Groot and Deadpool (there is also a paint variant of Deadpool). Harley Quinn was released last month, I saw her at my local comic book store and was very tempted to buy her immediately until I realized that they wanted $79.99 for her and while I really liked her that seemed a bit high to me as the average price online is about $65. Luck was on my side last week as I happened to receive a $15 coupon towards any other eBay purchase over $60, so I immediately used the coupon towards the purchase of the Vinyl Super Deluxe Harley Quinn. After the coupon I ended up paying $46 for her. She arrived yesterday in the mail, so let’s take a look!
Super Deluxe Harley Quinn VinylI think the stylized cartoonish look really works well for Harley Quinn. As stylized as this figure is there is some really nice detailing on things like her wrist ruffles.
Super Deluxe Harley Quinn Vinyl
The Vinyl Super Deluxe Harley Quinn figure is approximately 10 inches tall, sometimes I have a hard time visualizing the relative size of things so I wanted to include a comparison pictures with some other Harley Quinn figures made by Funko. The other figures in the photo include the Mymoji, Dorbz, Batman Pint-sized Heroes, Funko Pop and Rock Candy as you can see she towers over all of them!
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DC Legion of Collectors Suicide Squad Box

Time for something a little bit different from me today! I’m admittedly a bit of a comics dork with a special weakness for Joker and Harley Quinn, while I’m not exactly convinced that Suicide Squad will be a quality film I’m pleased by the flood of merchandise it has caused. Just with Funko pops, once all the new exclusive versions are factored in there are five new Harley Quinn pops: normal Suicide Squad, Prison Uniform version GameStop exclusive, Joker & Harley Quinn metallic two-pack exclusive to FYE, Harley Quinn gown version Hot Topic exclusive and Dr. Harleen Quinzell which will be exclusive to Walmart. I’m still missing the Walmart version but have tracked down all the others!

Funko releases bi-monthly subscription boxes for DC comics, Marvel and Star Wars they each come with a Funko pop, a t-shirt, a pin and a patch every box plus other items like maybe a dorbz one box and mystery minis the next. I’ve been collecting Funko Pops off and on since the early days of the line. Earlier this year I ordered the Deadpool box from Marvel Collector Corps and was really impressed with it, I subsequently ordered a few more of the MCC boxes and have been consistently pretty happy with them. I tend to prefer the actual comics from DC over Marvel but neither of the first two themes of the DC Legion of Collectors really appealed to me (Batman versus Superman & DC TV) then the third box was announced with a Suicide Squad theme and I had to order it! The box arrived in the mail today so I decided to post a little review of it.

loc1The box with the regular Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Funko Pop for scale, if you want to see what’s the inside the box please continue behind the cut…
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Joker & Harley Quinn statue

Though it’s admittedly been a while since I have focused on much else here, I do have interests outside of Pullip those interests include comic book stuff especially if it’s related to Joker and/or Harley Quinn. Yesterday a very large order arrived from Bigbadtoystore, I decided to feature one of the items that I was most excited about here today a new Joker & Harley Quinn statue.
Joker & Harley Quinn
The figure is based on the cover of Batman: Harley Quinn by Alex Ross.  The illustration is probably my favorite of Joker & Harley Quinn together so it is very fitting that is the cover of one of my favorite comic books of all-time. Batman: Harley Quinn introduced Harley Quinn into the mainline continuity of the comics during one of my favorite DC events No Man’s Land.
Batman_-_Harley_Quinn_1The cover is quite popular and has been available on a variety of merchandise over the years including t-shirts (which I unintentionally happen to be wearing at the moment) and cell phone cases (which I have on my phone) but never before as a figure/statue.  As soon as the figure was announced by DC Collectibles I was elated and immediately preordered it through Bigbadtoystore. The statue is approximately 1/6 scale (slightly over a foot tall) and has a MSRP of $249.99, I paid $199.99 via BBTS.
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Revolutionary Girl Utena- Utena figure

I figured it was just about time for an interlude or a moment of respite where I do not focus on dolls here as I couldn’t remember the last time I wrote about something other than a Pullip here. Revolutionary Girl Utena is one of my favorite older anime series, I consider it to be almost criminal that there was barely ever any merchandise from it during it’s original run. It’s still kind of feels funny to me to think of Utena as an older anime series now, I still remember eagerly waiting for the fansub tapes to arrive at my local comic book store. Last year a glorious 1/3 Azone doll of Utena was released, I was kind of halfheartedly browsing Yahoo Japan recently searching for her when I spotted this lovely figure by Sega Prize.

The Utena figure was released late May, it’s a Sega Prize so it has a MSRP of a mere 1800 yen. There is another figure of Utena this time by Megahouse forthcoming (details here), I was initially very excited about it as it was Utena but something about it made me hold off on preordering her. I think I will wait for owner photos to make a decision about her especially since I am very satisfied with the Sega Prize.
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Batman: Joker Steam Roller Lego Kit

I went to go see the Lego Movie a couple of weeks ago, I really enjoyed it so much so that I decided to buy a Lego Movie kit specifically the Cuckoo Palace. Unfortunately at least in my area it seems as though everyone had the same thought as me and wanted the Cuckoo Palace as no local stores had it in stock. During my great hunt, I found something even better than the super cute Cuckoo Palace… a new Batman Lego Kit!
The Joker Steam Roller Lego Kit
I love Batman lego kits so of course it had to come home with me! The new kit I found is the Batman: Joker Steam Roller Lego kit, it has a MSRP of $49.99 and it is one of four new kits released to coincide with the release of the Lego movie (Batman doesn’t appear in any of the official Lego Movie kits released so far).  The Steam Roller kit is the largest of the four new kits, the others are Batman: Penguin Face Off MSRP $12.99, Man-Bat Attack MSRP $19.99 and Batman: The Riddler Chase MSRP $29.99. I have since purchased the Riddler kit coincidentally alongside the Cuckoo Palace as there was a buy one, get one half off Lego sale at ToysRus’s website and they happened to have them both in stock at the time ^^; I’ll more than likely get the other two kits at some point as well, I have all but one of the newer series of Batman kits (I don’t have the Dark Knight Rises-esque Bane kit) as well as some of the kits from the first round like Joker’s Ice Cream Surprise.
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