I primarily use PopPriceGuide to keep track of my Funko collection but occasionally the website goes down so I thought it prudent to have a backup list here.

Marvel Comics
Ultron Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive
X-men Wolverine, Iceman & Colossus SDCC/Gamestop Exclusive
1 Captain America
2 Iron Man
3 Hulk
4 Spider-Man
6 Deadpool
6 Deadpool Inverse Gamestop Exclusive
7 Wolverine
8 Beast
9 Ghost Rider
11 Mystique
12 Scarlet Witch
13 Star-Lord
14 Groot
15 Rocket
16 Gamora
17 Drax
18 Yondu
19 Ronan
20 Nebula
21 Collector
22 Star-Lord Unmasked Version
23 Korath
61 Loki Marvel Collector Corps
86 Deadpool Pirate Version
87 Deadpool Cowboy Version Marvel Collector Corps
107 Captain America (Civil War)
109 Falcon
110 Black Panther
111 Winter Soldier
112 Iron Man (Civil War)
114 Crossbones
128 Tony Stark Unmasked Marvel Collector Corps
130 Vision in Suit Gamestop Exclusive
131 Tony Stark Free Comic Book Day
132 Steve Rogers Free Comic Book Day
170 Stan Lee
178 She-Hulk Marvel Collector Corps Year One Box
179 Ant-Man Marvel Collector Corps Year One Box
206 Doctor Strange
208 Kaecilius
215 Dark Phoenix
216 Psylocke
217 Emma Frost
291 Groot Hot Topic Exclusive
Dorbz Rides- Beast w/Blackbird
Dorbz XXL- Groot
Dorbz XXL- Rocket
Dorbz XXL- Giant-Man

Mystery Minis
Age of Ultron- Hulkbuster
Age of Ultron- Nick Fury
Civil War- Winter Soldier
Civil War- Black Panther
Civil War- Captain America
Marvel Series One- Galactus
Marvel Series One- Thor
Marvel Series One- Scarlet Witch
Marvel Series One- Deadpool (swords)
Marvel Series One- Ultron
Marvel Series One- Green Goblin
Marvel Series One- Loki (arms crossed)
Marvel Series One- Spider-Man
Marvel Series One- Doctor Doom
Marvel Series One- Punisher
Marvel Series One- Hulk
Marvel Series One- Silver Surfer
X-men- Emma Frost
X-men- Psylocke
Ant-Man Marvel Collector Corps
Captain Marvel Marvel Collector Corps
She-Hulk Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive
Yellowjacket Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive

Iron Man Pen
Iron Man Mopeez
Deadpool Inverse Mopeez
Doctor Strange Keychain
Loki Keychain
Loki Black & White Keychain
Spider-Gwen Keychain
Rocket & Baby Groot Deluxe Vinyl
Deadpool Deluxe Vinyl

Pint Sized Heroes
Spider-Man- Black Cat
Spider-Man- Peter Parker
Spider-Man- Spider-Gwen
Spider-Man- Spider Gwen Unmasked
Spider-Man- Spider-Woman

3 Spider-Man Hot Topic Exclusive
4 Iron Man
6 Captain America
15 Spider-Man
20 Deadpool
23 Iron Man
32 Tony Stark
36 Loki
36 Loki Black/White
36 Loki w/Helmet
36 Loki w/Helmet Black/White Version Hot Topic Exclusive
36 Loki Frost Giant Version Fugitive Toys/NYCC
51 Gamora
52 Star-Lord Unmasked Amazon Exclusive
53 Agent Coulson
56 Lady Sif
61 Mystique
65 Dancing Groot
66 Iron Man Mark 43
68 Hulk
69 Thor
70 Hawkeye
71 Vision
73 Hulkbuster Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive
74 Yondu
76 Nebula
79 Spider-Man Black Suit Version Walgreens Version
82 Venom
84 Ultron Grinning Version
85 Ant-man
86 Yellowjacket GiTD Version Amazon Exclusive
87 Unmasked Ant-man Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive
94 Iron Man Unmasked
95 Scarlet Witch (Age of Ultron)
96 Agent Carter Sepia Version Amazon Exclusive
97 Lady Thor Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive
98 Spider-Man Miles Morales Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive
99 Carnage
100 Anti-Venom
103 Black Widow w/Cap Shield Gamestop Exclusive
108 Iron Spider Walgreens Exclusive
109 Green Goblin Walgreens Exclusive
110 Green Goblin Glitter Version w/Glider SDCC/Walgreens Exclusive
112 Deadpool Yellow/Blue Version Amazon Exclusive
112 Deadpool White Version SDCC/Hot Topic
113 Deadpool Pirate Version Hot Topic Exclusive
114 Deadpool w/Rubber Duckie Target Exclusive
115 Deadpool Chef Version NYCC
116 Deadpool with Rubber Chicken Walgreens
117 Deadpool Cowboy Version SDCC/Gamestop Exclusive
123 Deadpool Action Pose Deadpool Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive
124 Taskmaster Walgreens Exclusive
125 Captain America Civil War Version
126 Iron Man Civil War Version
127 Falcon
128 War Machine
129 Winter Soldier
130 Black Panther Walmart Exclusive
131 Agent 13
133 Scarlet Witch
134 Crossbones
135 Giant Man
136 Iron Man Unmasked Hot Topic Exclusive
137 Captain America Action Pose Gamestop Exclusive
140 Crossbones Damaged Version Target Exclusive
141 Foolkiller
142 Solo
143 Terror
144 Squirrel Girl Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive
146 Spider-Gwen
147 She-Hulk
148 Captain Marvel
150 Doctor Octopus
152 Spider-Gwen unmasked Walgreens Exclusive
153 Spider-Gwen unhooded Hot Topic Exclusive
155 Starlord with mixed tape Box Lunch Exclusive
156 Stingray
157 Slapstick
158 Madcap
159 Captain America 75th Anniversary Sepia Amazon Exclusive
160 Spider-man action pose Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive
161 Doctor Strange w/Rune SDCC/Gamestop
167 Cosmo Speciality Series
168 Winter Soldier Damaged Version Target Exclusive
169 Doctor Strange
170 Karl Modo
171 Ancient One
172 Kaecilius
173 Doctor Strange Astral Projection Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive
174 Doctor Strange without cloak Walmart Exclusive
175 Doctor Strange Astral Projection Version Target Exclusive
176 Kitty Pryde NYCC/Gamestop
180 Psylocke
182 Storm w/Mohawk
183 Colossus Chrome Version Comikaze/HT Exclusive
184 Emma Frost Speciality Series
190 Miss Marvel Walgreen Exclusive
197 Gwenpool
208 Groot Hot Topic Exclusive