Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions I get rather frequently.. I will add more as they get asked. If you have any questions not covered here or need a bit more clarification please leave a comment here or email me at

Question: Where else can I find you online? 
 My primary website is where I babble endlessly on about my primary toy passion Pullips and other dolls. I’m on several doll/toy communities such as MLPArena and Den of Angels as Klein, I am Hina Ichigo on Dolly Market. 
Twitter- Pullip_Junk – St_Jimmy
Flickr- Pullip_Junk
Facebook- Ichigo.Klein Klein
TsumTsumCentral- Klein

Question: If you run Pullipsandjunk why make another site?
Answer: Sometimes I feel like talking about something other than dolls! I feel like it become so heavily doll centric that every time I posted something else it seemed out of place. 

Question: Can I buy _____ from you?
Answer:I’m not actually a store, I rarely sell things. I do try to make the effort to mention where I did buy things from so if you want to buy your own you can. 

Question: What type of camera do you use for your photos?
Answer: Currently I use a Canon EOS SL1 and my iPhone 5S for instagram photos. My original camera was a Sony DSC-W120 which was a simple point and shoot.  I upgraded to a Canon Eos Rebel XS which was replaced with a Canon Eos Rebel T3 which was in turn replaced with the T4i which was replaced by the Canon EOS SL1. How do I go through so many cameras? No idea, though falling in the lake with one while taking photos probably didn’t help. 

Question: What is pictured in the header?
Answer: One of my absolute favorite anime figures, the Hobby fan exclusive Ultimate Madoka from the Puella Magi Madoka Magicka series by  Good Smile Company. 

Question: Can I use your pictures?
Answer: Promotional photos are not my property but the property of their respective company. My personal photos of figures/ dolls are a bit more tricky, normally as long as I am cited either with a link back here or my Flickr I don’t really mind but do not represent my photos/ collection as your own, my photos can not be used for sales purposes (ie. I will report an ebay auction if they are using my photos) and please refrain from entering my photos in contests (if I went to enter I will do so of my own accord, feel free to invite me to join though).


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