On the Hunt for Strawberry Shortcake Dorbz!

When I was a little girl, I used to collect Strawberry Shortcake dolls when they originally came out in the 1980s. I very much played with my dolls though so they are now in far from mint condition, in more recent years I rebought a few of my favorite of the vintage dolls including the titular character herself Strawberry Shortcake. Vintage Strawberry Shortcake
I was thrilled when Funko announced a line of Pops based on the series and the classic character designs, as soon as I saw pictures I knew that I wanted to buy the whole set. I happened to find a Lemon Meringue at Target marked as a return at a discounted price, why on earth would such a cutie be returned? I bought her without hesitation, being an out of box collector I, of course opened her up as soon as I got home and I found out why she had been returned! The Strawberry Shortcake Pops are all scented similar to how the original dolls were but it’s a much stronger scent so as soon I opened the box I was assaulted with the lemony fresh scent of Lemon Meringue.
Lemon Meringue PopEven though Lemon Meringue was cute as could be, the strongness of the scent kind of put my plans on hold to collect the rest of the Strawberry Shortcake Pops. I had intended to put them on the shelf that is right next to my bed, I can’t even imagine trying to sleep that close to that many competing strong fruit scents.

Within the past week or so, word started spreading that Funko was releasing Strawberry Shortcake themed Dorbz as Walmart exclusives thus began the great hunt for the Strawberry Shortcake Dorbz. We went to several Walmarts without much luck, I was not surprised as none of the Walmarts within an hour of me had actually received the DC Comics Black Friday Funko box. We finally found them in the Waterford CT Super Walmart. The Dorbz can be found in red floating displays typically close to gardening/holiday section not in the toy aisle, it seems like most Walmarts have the display but not all have the exclusive Dorbz. I’m including pictures to give a frame of reference to where they are located and to aid other Funko hunters!
UntitledIn addition to the new exclusive Strawberry Shortcake Dorbz, there are more exclusives including Batgirl Classic TV Dorbz, Batman Zur En Arrh Dorbz, Jasmine Dorbz and Abu Dorbz from Disney’s Aladdin.

UntitledUntitledThey had lots of Pop!keychains too as well as the Funko Shopkins.
UntitledI tried to show some restraint and left Jasmine and Abu behind for now, at least. Perhaps I will talk about the others on another day.

I will say that both of the Strawberry Shortcake Dorbz are by the heaviest Dorbz I have ever handled. I had assumed that the hats would be hollow but they are filled/solid making both of them a bit top heavy.
Strawberry Shortcake DorbzStrawberry Shortcake, I can not get over that hat it is simply too cute!
Blueberry MuffinBlueberry Muffin is super cute too!

Overall I am very happy with both of the Dorbz: they are adorable, nicely detailed and I think they do the original character designs justice. I hope that Funko releases more of the Strawberry Shortcake characters as Dorbz as I would be sure to buy them all so long as they are not scented ugh. Happy hunting!

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