Funko Vinyl Super Deluxe Harley Quinn Figure

Harley Quinn is one of my favorite comic book characters so of course I have a really hard time resisting new figures of her. Funko recently added Harley Quinn to their Vinyl Super Deluxe line, she is the first DC Comics character to be made as a part of the line as well as the first female character. The other dolls released as a part of the line so far are all Marvel comics characters: Rocket, Groot and Deadpool (there is also a paint variant of Deadpool). Harley Quinn was released last month, I saw her at my local comic book store and was very tempted to buy her immediately until I realized that they wanted $79.99 for her and while I really liked her that seemed a bit high to me as the average price online is about $65. Luck was on my side last week as I happened to receive a $15 coupon towards any other eBay purchase over $60, so I immediately used the coupon towards the purchase of the Vinyl Super Deluxe Harley Quinn. After the coupon I ended up paying $46 for her. She arrived yesterday in the mail, so let’s take a look!
Super Deluxe Harley Quinn VinylI think the stylized cartoonish look really works well for Harley Quinn. As stylized as this figure is there is some really nice detailing on things like her wrist ruffles.
Super Deluxe Harley Quinn Vinyl
The Vinyl Super Deluxe Harley Quinn figure is approximately 10 inches tall, sometimes I have a hard time visualizing the relative size of things so I wanted to include a comparison pictures with some other Harley Quinn figures made by Funko. The other figures in the photo include the Mymoji, Dorbz, Batman Pint-sized Heroes, Funko Pop and Rock Candy as you can see she towers over all of them!

Super Deluxe Harley Quinn VinylThe figure is static, I had thought at least the head would rotate similar to a traditional pop but she is not articulated at all. Thankfully the pose is very in character for Harley Quinn.
Super Deluxe Harley Quinn VinylThe cork gun is a really great accessory, it’s very much in character for Harley Quinn and I like that Funko put the effort in to put a detailing in on the cork so that it actually resembles a cork.
Super Deluxe Harley Quinn VinylThe color scheme is pretty simplistic, it really only consists of five colors: red, white, black, grey and light brown. The cork gun is grey with a black cord connecting the light brown cork. Harley’s iconic outfit is red and black with some white details (neck/wrist ruffles and the hood poofs), her skintone is a stark white, her eyes and mask black and her lips are red. The contrast of the colors really makes all the colors pop.
Super Deluxe Harley Quinn VinylBack view, she has some slight imperfections on the back of her hood but thankfully it’s on the back and not easily seen.
Some of my Harley Quinn stuffHarley Quinn in her new home on the shelf, when I moved a few years back I unfortunately had to box up most of my Harley Quinn and Joker stuff so I’m down to having only my absolute favorites and newer figures/statues on display. The large Joker and Harley Quinn figures on the top shelf are 1/4 scale.

I’m interested to see if Funko will release more DC Comic’s characters in the future and if they do which other characters they might release. I know if a Joker was released I would for sure have to get him to go with my Harley Quinn but I’m having a hard time thinking of another character where I could justify the shelf space for though I do also have the Marvel Vinyl Super Deluxe Rocket so who knows!

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