When Worlds Collide

These days, I find myself primarily writing about strange dolls with large heads called Pullips on my website Pullipsandjunk it’s to the point where now writing about anything not doll related on my main website  seems downright alien to me. As much as I love Pullip, I collect a lot of other toys too and I find myself really craving an outlet to express my passion about some of my other toys so I’ve decided to repurpose this space to give myself somewhere to talk about them.

So what sort of toys will I be talking about here? Anime figures in particular nendoroids, Funko Pop figures, various comic book toys, Disney toys whatever happens to capture my interest at the moment besides the dolls. On a long enough timeline, I will probably import of all my non-doll content here. For now, I look forward to having somewhere to babble on about my other toy obsessions..

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